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Ways to get rid of cockroaches


Cockroach is a winged insect that has lived on the ground for more than 320 million years, a variety of insects with more than 3,500 species. Cockroaches adapt to live in all environments, but most prefer to live in the tropics, Almost-adapted to living in human habitation, and became a domestic scourge. The cortex has a flat oval body divided into three parts, the head, the chest and the abdomen. It has a long sensor horn and three pairs of long legs. It has a flat shield consisting mostly of caftan covering the chest and head areas. This cover is usually brown or black, Be green, yellow, or red.

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Cockroaches have a bad reputation. No one is happy to be at home. They produce unpleasant odors from special glands in their bodies. They are seen as carriers of diseases despite the lack of evidence supporting them. Some household items, such as food, paper, clothing, Allergic reactions in some human beings. However, their importance in the environment should be recognized as part of the food chain. They are prey to some animals such as spiders, birds and bats, and their feces are food for other animals, and some scientists use them in their scientific research. [1] One of the most famous annua Cockroaches American cockroach, German cockroach, brown cockroach scheme, the eastern Aabsour.




Ways to get rid of cockroaches

When cockroaches succeed in entering the house despite taking all necessary precautions to prevent this, you must immediately take care and try to get rid of them, and the following are the most important methods used to get rid of cockroaches:


Cockroaches: Cockroach is a slow-acting poisonous substance in the form of a gel that is placed in a type of food that cockroaches love. When eaten, cockroaches have an effective ingredient: 0.5% fibronil, 2% hydera, The taste of roaches in the house by mixing the powder of boric acid with equal amounts of sugar and flour, and choose where to place the bait, where close to the hole where the cockroaches live, and repeat the process to eliminate the eggs that will be hatched during the time it takes to eliminate the first generation, Up to several weeks, and To keen to put the bait away from the reach of children and pets.

Soap and water solution: A small amount of liquid soap, such as bath soap, can be mixed with water and a brush or scattering on the cockroach, focusing on the head and abdomen areas. The soap will form a thin layer that closes the cockroach pores, causing it to be stopped and stopped moving. Be sure to kill the cockroach immediately, or get rid of it because it may recover again if the water dried up and the damage was not enough to kill him.

Insecticide: The places where roaches are expected to be sprayed with an insecticide containing an effective substance in the killing of cockroaches such as cepholithrin or any other substance. The use of the pesticide coincides with the search for the cockroach hole to eliminate the problem from its roots. If it is not possible to eliminate the problem, it is possible, as a last resort, to purchase strong insecticides such as those containing sepermethrin or Cy-Kick CS and spray them around the house, but the use of pesticides is prohibited. Strong in case of children, or neighborhood And pet housewives.

Cockroaches or cockroach traps: Cockroaches can be purchased for sale in the market. Cockroaches can be caught and caught with adhesive. Some simple traps can be made at home, such as a jar or a bottle containing food or water next to the wall, which tempts the cockroach into the jar. The jar is slippery. The upper part of the jar can be cleaned with falcons, so cockroaches can not get pulling power when trying to come out, and a small amount of food can be placed on a good quality adhesive tape. Cockroach traps kill a few of them, but they do not solve the problem of eggs, or cockroaches, so other means must be used.

Natural materials: Natural repellents can be used for cockroaches such as peppermint oil, clove oil, cucumber peel, citrus, peppermint, and garlic.

Pest Control Companies: If the previous methods do not get rid of cockroaches, pest control companies can be used to use chemicals that are stronger than those that can be obtained from the market in a safe manner.



Tips for preventing cockroaches

The presence of cockroaches at home is a lot of resentment for residents who seek to get rid of them in all ways, and because prevention is better than treatment, it is important to follow the following tips to prevent the entry of cockroaches home:


Take care of the cleanliness of the house constantly, get rid of food and food crumbs, clean immediately dirty dishes, and wipe the floor to get rid of sticky spots and food debris that attract cockroaches.

Keep the food in tightly sealed containers and not leave the fruit on the kitchen shelf.

Use a trash can with her lid, and get rid of garbage regularly.

The cockroaches can even live between the leaves or the cloth. The rubble, the haystacks, the clippings, and the leaves of the trees must be removed from the garden. They are the favourite places for cockroaches to hide, and when the temperatures start to drop, cockroaches will try. Go home to feel warm.

Close all the outlets where cockroaches can sneak into the house, such as cracks in walls, openings in kitchen cabinets, windows, doors, bathroom pipes, kitchen, and sink.


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